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What can woods do for you?
Everything!.................well nearly everything
They can:
Provide peaceful places to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life
Provide habitats for some of Scotland's precious wildlife
Provide wood for construction, paper and heating - one of the few sustainable renewable resources
Provide employment for approximately 11,000 people in Scotland
Absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and help mitigate the effects of global warming
How can they do this? Well.....with a little help from people like you.....
If you are a woodland owner then by planting or managing an existing woodland
For more information please see the advice and grants page for details of organisations that can help.

Alternatively you can contact Niall Finnie at the AAWP.

go on have a go..... trees can be for life not just for Christmas!
By getting a group together and looking into developing woodland for your community
Joining a group involved in the management of local woodland and enjoying the benefits of good honest work in the great outdoors
Just by telling a friend, neighbour or colleague about what woods can do for them!
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