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Draft Strategy Feb 2012
Draft Strategy Feb 2012
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The Review
Ayrshire’s first strategy for woodland expansion and management was published in 2003. You can view the 2003 Strategy. The three Ayrshire councils have agreed that the 2003 Strategy should be reviewed to reflect changes in the development plans system, the designation of the Central Scotland Green Network and advances in thinking on issues such as Climate Change and fragmentation of natural habitats.

The review commenced in August 2011 under the guidance of the newly formed Ayrshire and Arran Forestry and Woodland Strategy Steering Group.

The revised strategy is being prepared as supplementary guidance for the first generation of Local Development Plans which are currently being prepared by the each of the three Ayrshire local planning authorities. The Ayrshire & Arran Forestry & Woodland Strategy will provide additional guidance in relation to woodland management and creation which is, for the most part, outwith planning controls but which impacts upon issues which the plans seek to address.

The Forestry & Woodland Strategy is also intended to
  1. Inform local authority development management decisions on proposals that include woodland removal or creation
  2. Guide local authority responses to consultation on planting proposals and applications for grant support
  3. Assist with the development and approval of Forest District Strategic Plans and Forest Design & Management Plans and
  4. Guide development of Regional Priorities for the Scotland Rural Development Programme
The Review Process

Ayrshire Joint Planning Unit, on behalf of the three Ayrshire Councils, are coordinating the review. A joint working party, the Ayrshire & Arran Forestry & Woodland Steering Group, has been formed to advise how future investment in woodland planting can be directed to secure the greatest economic, environmental and social benefit. Land Use Consultants have been appointed to undertake the preparation of the revised strategy document, under the guidance of the Steering Group. In parallel with the production of the Strategy document, a Strategic Environmental Assessment is also being prepared by Land Use Consultants.
Time Table For The Review

  • Preparation of Draft Strategy and Environment Report September 2011 to February 2012
  • Consultation On Draft Strategy & Environment Report May 2012 to June 2012
  • Consideration of Consultation Responses & Preparation of Finalised Strategy & Environment Report August 2012 to December 2012
  • Preparation of Finalised Ayrshire & Arran Forestry & Woodland Strategy 2013 and Environment Report mid-April 2013
  • Consideration of Finalised Ayrshire & Arran Forestry and Woodland Strategy by East, North and South Ayrshire councils May 2013 onwards
The foregoing timetable is flexible in order to allow for discussion and debate. The dates quoted are therefore subject review and may vary.
Contributing To The Review

General Comments

Although the formal consultation period on the Draft Strategy is now closed, we welcome informal comments on the woodland and forestry issues from interested organisations and individuals at all time. Comments can be submitted through the following channels:-

In writing:- Ayrshire Joint Planning Unit, Room 208, Liberator House, Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, Prestwick, South Ayrshire KA9 2PT

By Phone:- Ayrshire Joint Planning Unit 01292 673760

By Email:-