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Draft Strategy Feb 2012
Draft Strategy Feb 2012
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Finalised Draft
Following the stakeholder and public consultation exercise that was carried out between May and July 2012 a finalised draft version of the document was produced in January 2013. The revised strategy document took into consideration the large number of comments and suggestions submitted to the Steering Group through the consultation process. A meeting of the Ayrshire & Arran Woodland and Forestry Strategy Steering Group was held on 18th February 2013 to review the finalised draft and to make further recommendations for improvement and refinement. A copy of the Finalised Draft AAFWS and the minute of the Steering Group meeting can be viewed using the links below.

Land Use Consultants are currently preparing a revised version of the Strategy document. The revised document will be circulated to the Steering Group for final comments in mid April and thereafter the final strategy will be considered by the three Ayrshire councils for approval as non-statutory supplementary guidance.
Finalised Draft Strategy January 2013
Following stakeholder and public consultation, amendments have been made to the Draft Forestry and Woodland Strategy. These take account of the comments and recommendations made by the various businesses, individuals and organisations who responded to the consultation. The Finalised Draft was completed in early January 2013 and was presented to the Steering Group on 18th February 2013. The Steering Group have made recommendations for further amendments and a final draft is being prepared.